Cavs Win In Social With LeBron, But Heat Haven’t Lost…


We went to the folks at MVP Index to take a look at the LeBron effect is early on in social, and to debunk the myth that Heat fans ya go What impact can one man have on a brand? Ask the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron James' decision to pick his first team over the … [Read more...]

Some Good Reads For 2012


As you stuff the stockings or look for some last Hanukkah gifts, here are some suggested readings I enjoyed this year. It seems like there were less books for some reason, but more than enough good ones to pick up and enjoy, especially ones from great storytellers like Frank … [Read more...]

Five Little Items That Are Big In Their Own Way…

As we hit the middle of January, a look at some good ideas, little things, smart moves that have popped up and are noteworthy. Individually they may not seem to be huge deals but in a business that is very large in stature but small in community, it’s the little touches that go a … [Read more...]

The Political Game…

Four years ago this month, Sports Illustrated ran a back of the book story by Scott Price, who had the chance to play then-candidate Barack Obama in a game of basketball. The story showed casual sports fans, who many times are also politics averse, a side of the candidate that … [Read more...]

No Predictions, Just Some Thoughts For 2012

First of all for all those who read or follow the blog, bought my book, or even signup for the newsletter every week, thank you. I have probably gotten more positive feedback and comments in 2011 than ever before, and it is greatly appreciated. The goal is pretty simple…as my … [Read more...]

Some Worth A Read From 2011

This is not a countdown, it's only my opinion. It is also a list of books that I myself read (I read over 40 by the way and skimmed about 40 more) and enjoyed that I had no professional or personal interest in (thereby Tom Penders' Dead Coach Walking isn't here but could be if … [Read more...]

Beyond Sport Unites, Makes An Impact

On Tuesday at Yankee Stadium several hundred professionals, many in community relations from teams from around the world, gathered for the Beyond Sport United "Sports Teams For Social Change" conference. While cynical may say that the event was a chance to have professional … [Read more...]

Why BWB Matters…

Saturday around 250 bloggers, media types, interested parties and sports enthusiasts gathered at the world headquarters of Bloomberg in New York for Blogs With Balls 4. The event was a day long (as well as a preparty the night before and an afterparty last night) Petri dish for … [Read more...]

Who Really Benefits From World Cup? Brand Soccer.

They are on every talk show…one player adorns the rarefied air of the cover of Sports Illustrated. They are the new darlings of sport, despite their loss on Sunday. They are the women of American soccer, and their media tour this week has again helped to lift the profile of a … [Read more...]