Lions Roar, Refuel With Alternate Brands…


The Ivy League certainly has the most elite group of Universities in the world, but in the sports marketing business, sometimes "elite" is not the word that comes up when talking brand sponsorships. "Creative" yes, "innovative" maybe. "Entreprenurial" for sure.¬† Even with the … [Read more...]

A Quarter Century Later And We Are Listening Even More…


Twenty five years ago, July 1, 1987, I was in my office at SportsChannel in Woodbury, N.Y. (where I was Assistant Director for Marketing and Public Relations) with a group of people listening to a new venture in sport, all-sports radio. Just after 3:00, the signal at 1050 AM … [Read more...]

A Good Platform Coming: National Train Day

There are few brands in the Northeast that use sports more as a platform for awareness than Amtrak. From New York to Boston to Philly to Washington, fans cannot watch a broadcast or attend a game without some kind of call to action by America's premier national train service. It … [Read more...]

College Baseball Opens…And Remains Untapped For Brands…

While the beginning of March brings together thoughts of both college hoops and spring training, baseball in another prime area of interest officially got started this past weekend as well. College baseball quietly began its official season of spring play, with amazing weather … [Read more...]

Next For Tebow…

The hoopla and hype over Tim Tebow mania came to an end for the short term on Saturday night with the expected loss to the New England Patriots. More importantly, the game itself showed the gap between the steak (Tom Brady and the Patriots) and the sizzle (Tebow and the Broncos) … [Read more...]

A Chance For The Nets To Pay Some “Bills”

Christmas Day marked the beginning of the season for many of the NBA's "A list" teams for the 2011-12 66 game sprint to the title. The day after marks the beginning for the rest of the league, including the transitioning still New Jersey Nets, in their final season at the … [Read more...]

Free Engagement? Manchester City Takes Another Step To Grow…

The cultural and business differences in how digital sports is offered in Europe and North America is in many ways as wide a divide as well, the ocean that separates the two continents. The early growth of mobile and digital platforms by the sports consumer outside of the United … [Read more...]

Stoudemire, Anthony Not Locked Out Of Business…

It's not what they certainly planned to be doing in the middle of October, but New York Knicks teammates Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony certainly kept themselves busy and in the headlines this past week, without much controversy and without ever stepping on a basketball … [Read more...]

A Maze of Marketing Continues

It used to be a simple act of passage for families every fall. A local farm would carve a simple maze into its now depleted cornfield and charge a few bucks for kids to roam around for a few hours, then have some cider and donuts and go into a field and pick a pumpkin and head … [Read more...]