Danbury Creates A Whale Of A Social Media Platform…

whalers 2

The Federal Hockey League may not be far off from the fictional league of the same name from “Slapshot” at least in terms of being the first, and sometimes last shot, for players looking to make a go of it on the ice. But at least one team in the league, the Danbury Whalers (with … [Read more...]

The Second Screen Evolves…

mobile phone

It is the buzzword of the year like “plastics” was in the movie “The Graduate,” or “Social Media” was last year or “3D TV” was three years ago. Now it’s all about the second screen…or the third…or the fourth.  And while a study this week in the Sports Business Journal showed that … [Read more...]

Yin and Yang of Twitter…Osi Umenyiora and NASCAR

The endless debate rages on as to how and what twitter as a social platform can do for sport. We started the weekend with New York Giants defensive lineman Osi Umenyiora trying to use the medium to help Lawrence Taylor buy back his Super Bowl ring…provided Umenyiora found a … [Read more...]

The Ying and Yang of Breaking News…The NFL vs. The Jets

The 24 hour period on Wednesday and Thursday of this week saw something that most people would have never predicted six, eight...well weeks ago. That March Madness and Linsanity could take a back seat in the beginning of spring to...Tim Tebow and the New York Jets. In less than … [Read more...]

USTA Flies, Redbirds Tweet…

More good ideas seem to be coming in pairs these days...here are another few that make good sense... Majoring In The Minors: The Memphis Redbirds, like most other organizations, are trying to find ways to activate and engage their fans with social media that makes good sense. … [Read more...]

Pro Bowl And Social A Next Step For Sport?

The Pro Bowl has been an afterthought for sports fans for years. Like most professional All-Star Games, mass exposure by media, the lack of any great value to players and the hyper-sensitivity to injury has made the games themselves into less than they used to be, and have made … [Read more...]

Five Little Items That Are Big In Their Own Way…

As we hit the middle of January, a look at some good ideas, little things, smart moves that have popped up and are noteworthy. Individually they may not seem to be huge deals but in a business that is very large in stature but small in community, it’s the little touches that go a … [Read more...]