Cleaning Up A Plax Mess…

Even the best of seasons can have their bumps, and the New York Giants proved again this weekend why having everyone on message, pulling the same way, and working together from top to bottom and vice versa will avoid issues with the media, and give the media the right amount of … [Read more...]

Hitting The Minor Homers…

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., the minor league drum beating for great activation in baseball continues, as Ben Hill's Minor League baseball blog singles out the best promotions of the past season, and rewards the Ogden (Utah) Raptors as the team with … [Read more...]

Grey Cup, MLS Cup Go Head To Head In November Against…NF.

It is the Sunday before Thanksgiving in the United States. The beginning of rivalry week in college football, with OSU-Michigan and BYU-Utah having already taken place. College hoops is well underway, and the NFL is...well the NFL. NASCAR is putting a ribbon on a season, the NHL … [Read more...]

Remembering A Legend In The Business…Mike Cohen

Twenty years ago this past September the sports business world, just growing at the time, prematurely lost a legend, someone who set the tone and helped create the sports communication industry as it exists today. His name was Mike Cohen and his nickname … [Read more...]

Winning Matters: Ask the Red Bulls

With a large, diverse cultural base and one of the most fervent grassroots soccer communities anywhere, Major League Soccer had hoped since it's start that the New York franchise would be one of the cornerstones for driving the growth of professional soccer in the United … [Read more...]