Branding On The High Seas; How The Volvo Ocean Race Scores With Brands…


Niche properties like Olympic sports, outdoor events or extreme sports may not get the mainstream media coverage that traditional properties do, but their corporate hospitality opportunities can often be some of the most unique and creative in the sports world. Take the Volvo … [Read more...]

Will Sport Don The Red Noses?

red nose

It’s not new globally but it is simple, easy to engage and not hard to understand. Will Red Nose Day, May 21, make it to success on this side of the pond as it has for 30 years in the UK. For those who have not seen the ads or watched the promotions especially across all the NBC … [Read more...]

Can A Pharoah Lead Horse Racing To Brand Gold?


Is this now the year that horse racing has positioned itself to take a long overdue ride, thanks to the people and the personalities in and around American Pharoah and the industry itself. Since Affirmed won the Triple Crown in 1978, none of the 13 horses who have taken the first … [Read more...]

Pac-12, Monumental Shrink The Global Sports World Again


Just a few years ago people raised some eyebrows as brands like Emirates Airways took their place in U.S. sport, partnering at first with the Breeders Cup and then branching out into golf and tennis. At the same time traditional American brands like GM and Coke took the … [Read more...]

Timing Is Everything; Brands Berra And Brady Linked Together


There is a tinge of irony that on the day Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were dealing with the heavy-handed ruling by the NFL, politicians on New Jersey were circulating a petition to have Yogi Berra recognized for The Presidential Medal of Freedom. While many opined … [Read more...]

The Simplest Of Promos Can be The Best

ra dickey

A few years ago on Sunday morning as I was going to get bagels I heard New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan on “Ed Randall’s Talking Baseball” show on WFAN in New York talking about how the simplest of actions with his father, playing catch after work, were some of his brightest … [Read more...]

Horse Racing’s Gamble For The Future…


The following also appeared in The Daily Payoff   This weekend millions will take to the road to celebrate everything from graduations to communions and confirmations to Mother’s Day, but on Saturday racing and gambling enthusiasts and sports business people will also … [Read more...]

No Matter What The Sport, Ex-Athletes Agree Fantasy Is Growing…


No matter what the sport or the level of management, the infusion of gambling and fantasy gaming into the conversation is hard to avoid. Tuesday night at the regular monthly gathering of the New York Sports Venture Capital proved the point as three elite former athletes took … [Read more...]

On An Amazing Weekend, Beats And Burger King Stole The Show


The first few days of May certainly brought its share of interesting stories. From the banning of journalists not just from the Pacquiao -Mayweather fight but from the PGA Tour (Stephanie Wei) to Alex Rodriguez tying Willie Mays and the firestorm of recognition or non-recognition … [Read more...]

From Bergen To The Bigs And Back Again; Catching Up With Mark DeRosa


He never in his native New York area during his 17 year Major League career, but former MLB outfielder, infielder and catcher Mark DeRosa grew up nearby (Passaic), and starred in high school (Bergen Catholic) before going on to Penn and is now back in the New York area, at least … [Read more...]