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I have been fortunate enough to speak on a number of topics on sports media, branding, communication and innovation in the last few years. Below is an archive of some of those thoughts in those publications…


CBS This Morning (2012):

Danger of Extreme Sports

Tebow Mania

Tebow in NY

Tebow Press Conference


Sirius XM/Sports Business Radio


Print Features/Topics (2010-2012)

Advertising Age/Sponsors line up to court Jeremy Lin.  Who is doing what with the Knicks star

Advertising Age/The NFL’s New $10 Million Man?  Is Tim Tebow going to be a mega-endorser?

Advertising Age / What Does Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam Exit Say About Nasca.. After spending what seemed like decades trying to crack Nascar’s ban on sponsorships by hard-liquor brands, spirits companies received the go-ahead from the auto-racing league in 2004.

Advertising Age /How Will Accident Affect Tiger Woods’ Blue-Chip Endorsement.. The squeaky clean image of golf’s greatest player and the sports world’s most lucrative endorser took a hit over Thanksgiving weekend — no pun intended.

Ad Week/Olympic Gold The real winners and losers for London and why

Ad Week/Perspective, Tennis Endorsements What tennis ads looked like then and now

Buzzfeed/ Real Life Quiddich Tries To Be taken Seriously Can the staple of “Harry Potter” really become a sport?

Catholic Sports Journal/ Mascots Keep Fans Engaged How Western Michigan Univ. created new activation platforms

Eye On Sports Media/ Marketing College Athletes What can work, and what doesn’t in the collegiate space

Fast Company/ Why Livestrong Park Will Be A Success Sporting Kansas City’s new venture is worth looking at for future stadium engagement

Inc FEATURE/ How To Promote Your Consulting Business Thoughts on how to make chicken salad and other business items in a challenged world

International Business Times/ Dwight Howard’s Marketing Oppts  Will the NBA Star’s marketing be compromised because of his trade demands

Intentaional Business Times/ Tebow’s Marketing Value Can Tim Tebow be a business success in NY

Slam/ Social Media An NBA Marketer’s Heaven How social media has bolstered player visibility

Sports Networker/How “Lombardi” Became a PR Success The PR strategy behind the hot Broadway play

The Insider / 5 QUESTIONS WITH…: You’ve fully embraced social media, utilizing platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. also built up quite an audience for your blog and your newsletter, which reaches 13,000+ people. When did you first start using social media, and how were you able to garner such a large following.

The Oregonian/ The Penn State Legacy, What’s Next? What will happen next with Penn State athletics

USA Today / Nutrisystem drops Lawrence Taylor after rape charge. The days of corporate sponsors taking a wait-and-see approach when their athletic endorsers become embroiled in scandals are over.