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Looking For A “Daily Payoff”

Earlier this week, The Daily Payoff, the first U.S.-based platform to cover all business aspects of the gaming and gambling businesses had its official launch. The site will look to have the most comprehensive national and international news in verticals that … [Read More...]


Simple Idea Scores: Dribble 2 Work Day

The NCAA Women’s Final Four in Tampa this year will have all the usual buzz, hype, sold out crowds and pageantry that would be expected from an elite celebration of elite teams. There will be the FanFests, the memorabilia, the sponsor events and a host of … [Read More...]


Is Curling On A Straight Path To Success?

There was a joke in the old hit TV series “The Odd Couple” where Oscar tells Felix he is going to cover the Curling Championships, and an excited Felix replies “I didn’t know hair dressers had a sport.” That was then, and I’m sure the sport of curling … [Read More...]


Is Boxing Back?

It has been on life support for years in the eyes of many. Banished to small gyms as the UFC and WWE rose to prominence, gone from network TV, full of an alphabet soup of titles, a lack of U.S. buzz, no heavyweight stars, too violent and corrupt. Boxing many … [Read More...]