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“Canada’s Team” Scores In Sponsorship

For decades the Dallas Cowboys have had the moniker “America’s Team,” something which the Atlanta Braves also claimed even during their bad years because of their massive exposure on WTBS when the station was one of a handful carried nationally on cable … [Read More...]


Getting Red Bullish On Soccer Marketing…

There was a time not too long ago when the Red Bulls played to the notion that star power and the value of their parent company’s marketing would drive buzz and attendance and build the following of the team. They had a new stadium, several global stars, … [Read More...]


Quiet Days, Big Opportunities?

It happens every year and this year we got a double dose. The two days (used to be one) after the MLB All-Star Game are the days with almost no professional game in North America…Wednesday has become ESPY Day and Thursday has been grabbed by Nickelodeon for … [Read More...]


Chevy Hits An All-Star Homer…

All-Star Games bring out the best in sponsor activation. Other than the Super Bowl, they are the only events on the calendar that are big attention getters with pre-planned locations well in advance for brands to effectively plot out activation opportunities. … [Read More...]

special oly 2

Special Olympics Engages For The World Stage…

While a good part of the sports and entertainment business world is focused on the MLB All-Star game, the Women’s World Cup hoopla, Copa America, The British Open, Wimbledon and other big events this July, another global undertaking of a massive scale is … [Read More...]


Women’s World Cup Success; What’s Next?

Monday Women’s World Cup hero Carli Lloyd appeared on The CBS Morning Show, just one of a host of late night/early morning stops the U. S. Women’s National team, and her teammates would be making on this whirlwind tour celebrating their 5-2 win over Japan on … [Read More...]


Pay Fantasy Scores With Women’s World Cup

The following post also appeared on The Daily Payoff   The past few days there has been a great deal of speculation about what the success of the U.S. Women’s National Team can mean to the business side of women’s sports. More recognition in the … [Read More...]