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The Simplest Of Promos Can be The Best

A few years ago on Sunday morning as I was going to get bagels I heard New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan on “Ed Randall’s Talking Baseball” show on WFAN in New York talking about how the simplest of actions with his father, playing catch after work, were some … [Read More...]


Horse Racing’s Gamble For The Future…

The following also appeared in The Daily Payoff   This weekend millions will take to the road to celebrate everything from graduations to communions and confirmations to Mother’s Day, but on Saturday racing and gambling enthusiasts and sports … [Read More...]


Moving The Needle: Learning From Andy Dolich

If you wanted to take a snapshot of the progression of sports in America for the last three decades; not just the biggest of leagues but startups and “attacker” brands as well, you should start with Andy Dolich. The Brooklyn native has been there for some of … [Read More...]