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E-Sports Fantasy Now Becoming Reality

The following also appeared in The Daily Payoff   A few weeks ago E-Sports veteran turned commentator Rod “Slasher” Bresleau was asked at a New York Sports Venture event what the next wave of fantasy sports will be. The answer might have … [Read More...]


Listen Here; Audio Is Back…

There was a time not too long ago when many thought that audio as a medium was almost dead. We live in a video world, we need to see things, no one has time to sit by a radio… Then along came podcasting, and itunes and digital audio and Sirius/XM and I Heart … [Read More...]


Moving To Become Kings Of Pay Fantasy

The following post also appeared Saturday on The Daily Payoff Experts will say a key factor in driving business is healthy competition. “You want to be the Avis to their Hertz,” the late Jay Larkin, former head of Showtime Sports, once said, when … [Read More...]


E-Gaming Keeps It’s Business Push Forward

The following post appeared in The Daily Payoff as well..   “We are going to be bigger than the NHL,” declared Major League Gaming head Mike Sepso several months ago about the growth of his company and the sport of E-Gaming. And to hear the … [Read More...]


March Mathness; Robotics Rocks And Grows

This past weekend as much of America was fixated on March Madness, a large crowd crammed its way into Bridgewater-Raritan High School in Bridgewater, New Jersey. There were painted faces and cheerleaders, cowbells and mascots, rival fans chanting at each … [Read More...]