"Sports Publicity. . Practical Approach" was published by Reed Elsevier in August of … [Continue Reading]


Legends of sports publicity and what we learned from them…

Some of the greats of the industry...feel free to email me more and tell me … [Continue Reading]



Over 28 years of work in sports publicity and brand building have given me the … [Continue Reading]


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Lessons From A Lifer At ESPN…

When we were lucky enough to be asked to update our text “Sports Publicity” in 2013, we called on several of those in the media industry who have been around the evolving world of communications for a while, … [Read More...]


The Largest College “Conference” In The U.S. Looks To Grow…

For those not of a certain age, or not involved in college athletics, you probably don't know how powerful the Eastern College Athletic Conference, or ECAC, was, or how big it remains today. Made up of hundreds … [Read More...]



“Movember” Gets More Skin In The Game…

As the calendar turns from the mega-awareness month for Breast Cancer and the amazing viral phenomenon of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS in the past, we can applaud the … [Read More...]


We Are The World; Global Sports Convergence Grows

Sunday morning thousands of soccer fans in the US will turn on Barclays Premier matches on NBC while others will watch the Ryder Cup live from Scotland. Then later it … [Read More...]

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Gambling In Sport: Will Fantasy Bring Reality Soon?

Toward the end of the series finale of Boardwalk Empire, Nucky Thompson, played so well be the actor Steve Buscemi for these past few years, turns to a young man in his … [Read More...]


Brand Re-Launch For Smith Brothers Nothing To Sneeze At…

If you are of certain age you remember The Smith Brothers Cough Drop. With their signature bearded brothers and shiny box, the cherry-flavored drops were not only around … [Read More...]

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bud light

“Up For Whatever” Scores Locally…

Last year during Super Bowl,  Bud Light’s “Up for Whatever” campaign scored huge marks for buzz, digital engagement and creativity, and the campaign continued to gain steam and eyeballs, and hopefully sales and brand awareness, throughout the year.   New elements have been introduced throughout the year to give the campaign more steam and re-engage consumers who liked the first go-round, and were interested in seeing what could be next for the characters of “Up For … [Read More...]


Brady And Facebook Winning Together

In the instant ROI world we live in today, it seems that Twitter is the instant news communication tool for many. It is simple, quick and easy to use, no hassle, and little detail. However for all its quick and easy effectiveness, Twitter also has its shortcomings. If you are following somebody and miss their post, the message goes into thin air, and going to find that message can be difficult. Millions of followers are nice, but if only 50 are engaged at a certain time, the message can be lost, … [Read More...]

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London Olympics Beach Volleyball Women

Beach Games Moving Ahead…

While the US continues to look for a potential bid city for the 2024 Olympics, another property, one outside of the Olympic window but with a huge upside for a younger and more engaged global audience, this week got the OK … [Read More...]


The Changing Landscape of College Sports Business…

The college sports landscape is undergoing as much change from the business side as it is on the fields of play. Issues like the rights of student-athletes, the cost-benefit of massive programs, the role athletics should … [Read More...]

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