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college football

Nissan “Goes Big” In College Sports…

With baseball, golf and tennis now in the rear view mirror for 2015, hockey and hoops just starting and MLS entering its deeper drive into the playoffs; football, and college sports (with college basketball starting this coming week) really take center stage, … [Read More...]

radio row

Taking “SRO” To A New Level…

It is the promoters dream to be able to utter the words “Standing Room Only,” even if, in recent years, “SRO” is more a phrase to indicate a big audience than an actual sales opportunity. Lack of standing space, fire codes, handicapped laws for open areas and … [Read More...]


Miami Hurricanes Seize The Moment, Score In Digital

What would the social world have looked like if the space was active during “The Play” the legendary ending of the 1992 Cal-Stanford game that concluded, after five laterals, with Cal running through the Stanford band on the way to the end zone after time … [Read More...]


“Movember” Looks To Keep Growing…

As the calendar turns from the mega-awareness month for Breast Cancer and the amazing viral phenomenon of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS in the past, we can applaud the work the ever-growing (no pun intended) groups for Movember are doing specially tied to … [Read More...]


Three NBA Owners Gamble On Analytic Growth…

The following also appeared in The Daily Payoff   Ted Leonsis has never been one to shy away from opportunity, and he has been very bullish on the legalization of gambling in a city, Washington, that has hid from the issue despite the fact that the … [Read More...]


Global Leagues Spread Their U.S. Wings…

This weekend the NFL finishes its two week stint in the UK, fresh on the heels of the NBA taking their brand in the preseason around the world again. MLB has exported games to Australia and Japan and conducts the World Baseball Classic, the NHL has tried … [Read More...]


“Baseball For All” Makes Good Business Sense…

We first met Justine Siegal when we were working on trying to get baseball back in the Olympics following the Seoul games. One of the issues with the sport and the Olympic movement was that there were not enough opportunities for women, and softball was not … [Read More...]


Firms Lining Up To Make Sense of eSports…

This also appeared in The Daily Payoff It is a phenomenon whispered about like “MMA” was a decade ago, “eSports” the must have, must figure out platform that marketers craze to find that elusive young demo. Millions watching the NFL and World Series? That’s … [Read More...]