The Value of Visual Inspiration: Jeremy Lin, Marcus Mariota and Army-Navy


This past week’s Cynopsis sports media conference reminded us again how powerful storytelling; especially paired to compelling images can be. The ability to effectively communicate a message and build awareness through multiple forms of media; written, visual, spoken is what sets … [Read more...]

Lin and Dickey Use New York As A Rare Springboard…


Usually the New York athlete story ends ugly. Successful star comes to Gotham and ends his career in tatters, or leaves to find glory elsewhere. Rarely do you find someone like the New York Rangers Mark Messier, who came to Gotham to fulfill the dream of fans that had been … [Read more...]

Still The Best Ahead For Lin, Dickey

ra dickey

Last year if you said to a sports marketer the names "Lin Dickey" he or she may have thought you were talking about the former NFL quarterback Lynn Dickey and maybe some kind of retro fantasy camp idea for old Packers or Houston Oilers. Today, especially in the mega-market of New … [Read more...]

Little Brands Get A Chance To March Too…

One of the more entreprenurial hustles in sport branding is finding ways to creatively capture lightning in a bottle, a few minutes of exposure as a result of timing, luck and smart thinking. Such is the case with people who were able to cash in short term on the Jeremy Lin … [Read more...]

MSG Makes Right Move Jumping On Linsanity Now…

It is one of the busiest weeks at the semi-refurbished Madison Square Garden. Hockey led to Gymnastics which led to hockey which led to tennis which led to a week of Big East and the Knicks and then the WWE, all in a nine day stretch. However while the Knicks and Rangers are … [Read more...]

POTUS Starts To Play The Sports Card…

It is almost time for President Obama to start ramping up the engines for the run to November. As the Republicans twist back and forth between Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and other challengers, the Democrats have stood on the sidelines waiting their turn to start moving against … [Read more...]

A Week of Dogs and ‘Trotters

Say what you want about Jeremy Lin controlling New York, this week could belong to celebrities big and small, that have little to do with the orange and blue. Two New York area institutions at this time of year, both strong global brands, will look to capture their own slice of … [Read more...]

Can Jeremy And Victor Take NY?

It has been yet another interesting week in the crucible of sport. While the New York Giants were celebrating their Super Bowl victory in the Canyon of Heroes, the hobbled New York Knicks had caught fire against some lesser opponents and an unlikely new star. Out of both have … [Read more...]