Lotsa Gezsms…Green Globies, Getting A Job And Getting Instruction

PR Move of the Day:St. Patty's Day almost upon us, the number of teams and leagues going “green” on or around the day (ranging from NBA teams to the Yankees) grows every year.However another unique spin goes to our friends at the Harlem Globetrotters, who are taking a two pronged approach to the day…first the team will take on the traditionally green clad Washington Generals in Wildwood, New Jersey and will break from their usual red, white and blue ball to a green ball for the first time ever…the ball, an instant collectable, will then be signed and sent to the Hall of Fame. Then the team will join the always creative St. Baldricks charity to shave their heads for the day, with proceeds going to charity. Again the Globies, led by the folks at Coyne PR, break through the clutter on a “green” day with two very definable ideas, and bring along both a historic and a charity element.a new crop of young people are either graduating or looking for internships for the summer and beyond, or those who are parents are looking to help get the young ones some extra help for the spring and summer sports season. With those two thoughts in mind, we came across a few items of note…first, Game Faces is offering a sports career camp in Dallas in early April, which is both a very unique and high quality entree for those who may not be totally prepared to enter the workforce coming out of college, or who are transitioning in from another field. Worth taking a look at, since both networking and knowing exactly how jobs can match your skills are going to be very important to getting it started, and Game Faces helps folks get their skills in line pretty quickly. Secondly, for those looking for a great viral opportunity to get tips for kids online, check out Protege Sports. There are a large number of simple downloads from pros ranging from Steve Nash to Tim Salmon that give kid. great insight without the hassle of video tapes and dvd's, and they can be watched in any digital format. Great way to show your kids something educational about sports while being “cool” online at the same time.

Lastly, a few more good reads for the day…The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle has a solid piece on the owners of the AHL Americks stepping up and announcing their plan for growth…as many franchise owners delay decisions to the public and let fans hang in limbo, the Americks deserve credit for respecting tradition, and their fans by announcing their plan…the good and the bad, BEFORE the season ends. Nice proactive take. Some other good stories about making it to the dance…Jim Beseda's piece in The Oregonian goes in detail on Portland State's first-ever NCAA trip,ulsa Worl. has a piece, not on Oral Roberts berth, but the dismissal of a mascot in the post-event celebration.