finds ways to help winners fulfill the American Dream

Usually we think of rotisserie play as a small cash payoff for the winners but lots of fun for all involved…that is the appeal of fantasy gaming, to put you in the drivers seat with as many options as possible, and make you the person in charge of your own sports team, competing against friends and in the case of online gaming, thousands of others. is an emerging player in the space, and even gave a husband/wif combination of winners in thei.fantasy baseball game this summer a chance to use that success to purchase a good chunk of the American Dream…namely a new home.Darren Rovell had a good piece today on the winners and how they combined their earnings, even in this down economy, to move from apartment to brand new house..Good example of how even in this economy, fantasy sports can bring a solid distraction with the hope of better opportunities for those who play well. Nice piece, well played out function.

Some other good reads…the LA Times has a good piece on Oregon State coach Craig Robinson stmping for his brother-in-law Barack Obama, and what that could or couldn’t mean for the oft-maligned Beavers on the recruiting trailthe's Nando DiFino has another good fantasy piece on the lessons teachers are using with fantasy football to teach mathAP has a piece on the Dolphins enlisting Chad Pennington with their push for tickets salesthe Indy Star has an interesting piece on when or why to open the roof on the Colts’ new home Lucas Oil Stadium