NBA Brings More Brands Across The Pond…

The footprint and hours spent by the NBA growing their brand in China over the last ten years is perhaps the best example of global sports brand expansion to date. Now that that process is in place, the league, which has already established a relationship to brand and grow basketball as a sport through its relationship with the NCAA in North America, will now look to refocus on bringing the impressive lineup of multinational partners to Europe. With FIBA's success in growing hoops in Europe and its partnership with the NBA continuing to gain steam, there is perhaps no better time to introduce those brands which the NBA has cultivated and activated with in North America to the European continent. Media Post had a good look at the new brand activations for the league, and all the data behind the accentuated push into Europe come this fall. The steady growth of the NBA brand through all its platforms abroad set a great stage, and now with a very strong grassroots presence in key countries, the affinity to effectively activate extended programs for emerging brands will have the solid base that earlier efforts may have fallen short with. Often times sports or entertainment brands rush into a new culture and try to homogenize a partnership without establishing or understanding an existing culture, and that rush can provide disappointing results. By building and then introducing brands, the NBA has set the floor for a more successful plan than ever before, and one other sports that want to invest and grow globally can follow.

Some other good reads…PROMO Magazine had an interesting piece on Disney's “green ticket” plan, where those purchasing tickets get an added bonus, with trees planted in the name of the purchaser…in a time where consumers are looking for added value, it is an interesting way to pull in discretionary dollars while giving a very unique perk…and the New York Times has a great profile of Yankees presdient Randy Levine