Majoring In The Minors…Hudson Valley Goes To The Ladies…

Ladies Day has long been a baseball tradition…women arriving at the ballpark get discounts and promotions tailored to them, and MLB has gone to great lengths in promoting and raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness. However the Hudson valley Renegades, again showing the advantage the minors have to be effective and creative, will take Ladies Day one step further in July, banning men (those off the playing field anyway) from the stands for the first five innings of their July 7 game.</a> The salute to women, will allow women in while keeping the men outside until the fifth inning, effectively showing that the Rens’ female fan base is both important and recognized by the organization. The night will of course have the usual fun promotions and music that the minors always have, but it sends a smart message to those decision makers in the household…we appreciate all you do in bringing the kids here and to the games, and lets have some fun just with you. Not a huge departure from the ordinary, but it should make for a fun night, a good promotion, some additional brand extensions and some good old fashioned PR which will probably be copied by others along the way.

Some other good reads…The Indy Star had a good profile of Brandon Jennings leading into Thursday's NBA Draft…Darren Heitner's blog had a good piece on how social media is being used more by players and agents...and in what could be another fun minor league promotion, Kodak announced it is halting the use of Kodachrome film…Paul Simon night anyon. Instamatic nigh.