NFL Scores In Crisis…

Quite a weekend for the NFL…strength coaches kicking players, horrible weather, blowout games and oh yes that Minnesota thing. Say what you will about how leagues handle adversity and the NFL having the luxury of playing only once a week, there is little doubt that across the board the NFL handled the weekend with precision, dignity and class.

With regard to the Vikings-Giants postponment, everyone across the league reacted in unison and with the best interest of th fans and the game at heart. the messages of the postponement were communicated clearly from Saturday night. there was no reticence or complaining from the teams and the players, there was little opportunity for the fans to snipe, and the rumor mill was adequately contained and addressed with regard to the news cycle. There was no panic, issues were addressed clearly, the plan of action was implemented, and even the little details like the Vikings logos going on the field and in the end zones were handled. There was never an issue of giving away tickets, and the tickets that were provided were swallowed up quickly, once again showing the power of the NFL and the devotion of its fans. While there were some contractual issues with TV, there was little public griping, and the situation played out very well for all involved. No question of ticket refunds, little complaints from ownership, a smooth sailing ship with everyone saying the right things and in unison.

Was there opportunity for chaos, complaining and backbitin. Sure. However from a crisis management standpoint all went smoothly and efficiently, with the clear message that the integrity of the game and the safety and consistency of fans and players was consideration number one from senior leadership.

Touchdown NFL.